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Some Articles and Images from Folks that Don't Like Girl Scouts

(Or, "A Motivating Factor for This Project")

GSUSA recently gained quite a bit of national attention in late 2011 and early 2012 following a transphobic viral video campaign to "boycott Girl Scout cookies" that criticized GSUSA for allowing trans* girls to participate as full members.  The full video is no longer available online, but a transcript is available here

The girl in the video above is affiliated with Honest Girl Scouts, which actively disseminates anti-Girl Scout propaganda such as the below flyer:

Comedian/actress Joan Rivers also shared some tasteless comments via Twitter on the topic of trans* Girl Scouts in fall 2011:
Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment (2010). This article remarks on the "lesbian-feminist doctrine" and references Manahan's "On My Honor" in the concluding paragraph, again suggesting that the American Heritage Girls "uphold traditional values" while Girl Scouts "have lost their way."
Schilling, C. (2009). This author is concerned that Girl Scout publications encourage young women to pursue the following careers:

ambassador, congressperson, artist, filmmaker, labor union organizer, fund raiser/grant writer, lawyer, lobbyist, mediator, professor, public affairs officer, researcher, religious leader, senator, web master, blogger, journalist.

The article also bashes the inclusions of lyrics to songs such as "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child, "Hammer and a Nail" by the Indigo Girls, and "Imagine" by John Lennon in GSUSA materials.
A caricature of Girl Scouts that blatantly suggests pedophiliac overtones.
 Segelstein, M. (2008). This article criticizes Girl Scouting's "steady, well-documented leftward slide" and points to the American Heritage Girls as a more wholesome alternative.
Dillusioned with the "increasing secular focus of existing organizations for girls," parents in West Chester, Ohio founded American Heritage Girls for their daughters in 1995. AHG describes itself as a Judeo-Christian focused organization.
Another inappropriate cartoon purporting to depict Girl Scouts.
Chastain, J. (2007). This article asserts that the national organization has "run amuck" and identifies Girl Scouting as a "tool of the radical feminist movement [and] anti-God, pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality."
Dexter, P. (2007). An article with a very similar tone to previously linked pieces, referencing GSUSA's promotion of gun control, homosexuality, masturbation, environmentalism, and "programs that focus heavily on a narcissistic devotion to self."
A scene from the 2009 film "Whip It," criticized by Jeremy Clyman, M.A., as a "lesbian fantasy, disguised." Actresses Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore are members of a roller derby team called the "Hurl Scouts."

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  1. Thank you so much, Stefanie, for documenting these homophobic and misogynist responses. One after another is characterized by myths, misinformation, and meanness.