Saturday, April 14, 2012


The below interview questions are intended to serve as prompts, with the aim of eliciting diverse, rich narratives from participants.

How do you identify in terms of sexual orientation?  Gender expression?  

What was/is your involvement and role in Girl Scouting/Girl Guiding? How long have you been a member? In what capacities? 

What led you to believe you were gay/lesbian/bi/trans*/queer?  What made you know for sure? 

Who was the first LGBTQ person you were exposed to? How did you know they weren't straight? 

Tell me your coming out story. Did you feel supported?

What aspects of your life changed after you came out, if any? 

• What do you think being gay/lesbian/bi/trans*/queer meant when you came out? What influenced that perception? Has your view changed since then? 

Tell me about the first time you were around a majority of LGBTQ people.

What unique experiences have you dealt with that you think your straight peers or colleagues haven't encountered?

• Describe your first non-heteronormative crush and/or any pivotal romantic or intimate experiences.

• Do you believe there is a LGBTQ-related stereotype pertaining to Girl Scouts' membership?  If so, what do you think it is?  Where do you think it comes from?  How do you feel about it?

• Describe any personal transformations that occurred for you in a Girl Scout/Girl Guide context, whether in a camp environment, in a troop or group setting, on a destinations trip or at an international jamboree, etc.

• How has Girl Scouting/Girl Guiding impacted your personal identity as a member of the LGBTQA community? 

• Describe your perception of how LGBTQ individuals fit within the Girl Scouts organization.  To what extent do you think Girl Scouts provides social justice-based curriculum to educate its members about the LGBTQ community?  Do you think Girl Scouts should do more?  Less?  

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